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AI Learning

DeepBrain AI empathizing and communicating AI Human service based on conversational artificial intelligence technology website
MarkAny Protect what matters, MarkAny website
Sil1000 Public enterprises specialized educational institutions. website
Flex Flexible data for better parenting website
weclover passionate and committed to create the world with infinitive opportunities for anyone, anytime, anywhere! website
Lionrocket AI education with Voice technology website
Neurocle Inc. Making Deep Learning Vision Technology More Accessible website
Metalab We are Edutech company that creates various educational contents based on AI source technology.
Visang Education Visang stays ahead of the curve, leading the market at every step. With Edtech programs featuring closely related content and intuitive platforms. website
Ubion Co, Ltd. K-EdTech Leader Ubion website
artpopcorn Smart platform for artist website
SWEMPIRE Co.,Ltd technology-oriented company that develops and builds blockchain, A.I, Simple authentication, electronic document distribution and security website
TmaxAI an AI specialized company that provides AI platforms, chatbots solutions, and education services based on in-depth research and development resources website
BAIKAL AI, Inc. AI software company specialized in the language analysis in South Korea. website
CLASSUM Co., Ltd. All Learning Begins with Communication website
Hansol Education AI Education contents for childhood website
Woongjin ThinkBig Co.,Ltd. the best educational and cultural company with 40 years of experience in Korea website
Neungyule English Educational Newspapers for Self directed Learning NE Times website
Liveklass With live/video lectures, coaching and consulting, and e-book...Turn all your knowledge into a business easily. website
Dapada Project-based AI & ML learning solution (Leaderboard, Hackathon, etc.) website