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: admin : Tue, 7 September 2021, 10:08 AM

Digital Transformation, Blurring the Boundaries in Education
[Matthew Jones]
Founding team, Perlego VP Content Acquisition & Strategy



[Hee-Nam Lee]
TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command), Army Lieutenant Colonel


Military training is not fundamentally different from civilian training. For dominance on the complex and uncertain battlefield, it is important to train repeatedly in training environment similar to a real battlefield. Recent advances in AR/VR, AI/ML, big data and cloud technologies enable new aspects of military training. Many countries are integrating these technologies into synthetic training environment to provide realistic training and secure large-scale experience data to improve training effects, and to pursue learner-centric education and training through the Intelligent Tutoring System. These efforts will enable the military to revolutionize education and training previously envisioned and unattainable.

[Won kyu Choi]
Cath It Play, Inc. CEO/Founder


The world is changing considerably fast, starting with AI technology, which widens the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In addition, the COVID-19 global pandemic has triggered the growth of the non-contact industry. Accordingly, the education field has been affected a lot by this world change. How does the future of Education Technology look like from the perspective based on data of 1.8 million users in the middle of a significant change of era? Even when we cannot predict the future perfectly.

Catch It English, Korean is capable of learning a language for each situation and context naturally, in the universe with character and world, based on the gamification technology. The language learning key element repetition learning combined with gamification mechanism and enables to immersed in learning particularly.

<<Award history of the product>>
2019/ Startup chosen by Samsung C-LAB
2019/ TOP3 in Startup Support Program of Google and Ministry of SMEs and Startups (First place in App Development)
2018/ Japan e-learning Awards’ EdTech Special Award
2017/ Young Entrepreneur Award (Minister of Education Award)
2017 / Google Editors’ Choice
2015/ Korea Game Society Situation Game Award
2015/ Best Personality Clean Content Grand Prize
2015/ Best App of the Year (Google Best Apps, Google Play)
2015/ E-Learning Korea Excellence Award (the Ministry of Education)
2015/ Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Minister Award

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  • "There is a survey that uncovers the K-12 models and educational technology that will outlast the COVID-19 pandemic.
    What specific digital subscription models can teachers, parents, and students use in the K-12 education field?"
    Fri, 10 September 2021, 10:46 AM