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: admin : Tue, 7 September 2021, 10:00 AM

Activate Personalized Learning for All using AI
[Sean Leahy]
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University Director of Technology Initiatives


As our collective global society stands on the precipice of the Fourth Industrial Revolution ushered in through the rapid advancements and convergence of digital, biological, and physical technologies and innovations, the challenges and opportunities for the education system have never been more salient. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have presented the system of education with an emergent horizon of new technological applications to address historical and contemporary challenges facing the educational system. This presentation will explore the emerging role of AI in education, and address issues around the impact of fair distribution, unintended consequences, and the need for a humanistic approach to emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

[Hoyong Kang]
AI Tutor Team, LG CNS Business Development Professional


We have been educated in English since elementary school, but as we studied mainly for entrance exams, there are not many people who can speak English fluently even when they become adults. When it comes to Speaking English, having many opportunities to speak English is very important. However, there are few ways to 'practice' and 'train' speaking English while there are many ways to only 'learn' around us. So, It is difficult to speak English well in real situations. In addition, due to the corona pandemic, English speaking education in schools and academies is restricted, and the existing face-to-face learning method is required to be changed. Accordingly, LG CNS is providing an AI tutor service to practice speaking English anytime, anywhere based on artificial intelligence technology, and it is getting a good response in the actual corporate education field. Through the AI tutor, user you can practice speaking like in real life in more than 2,000 different situations that occur in daily life and business. In addition, the Speaking Class platform has been launched that allows teachers to directly create situational conversation content so that students can practice speaking with the created content. And we have partnered with several local offices of education, and we are preparing for this platform to be used in the public education field.

[Changseop Hong]
Kyunghee girls' High School Teacher


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