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Metaverse Brings the Imagination into Classroom
[Sangkyun Kim]
Industrial Engineering, Kangwon National University Professor


I have spent my career exploring various fields. I have studied Robotics (BA), Industrial Engineering (Master’s), Cognitive Science (PhD), and Educational Technology (as a visiting professor).
Currently, I am studying ways to apply gamification and entertainment-based motivational techniques to education, business management, and marketing. To put this another way, I am studying how to immerse and influence users in the metaverse. I have participated in projects on this topic with companies, organizations, overseas educational institutions, and manufacturers including Samsung, LG, GS, Hyundai, National Human Resource Development Institute, the National Training Institute of Education, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity, and the Korea Creative Content Agency.

[Jae-hyun Kim]
Salin Co., Ltd. CEO


Jae-Hyun Kim was born in Daegu, Korea. His company, Salin (Co., Ltd.), is one of a leading metaverse platform in Korea. It is a VR tech. partner for SoftBank in Japan and advanced to Thai market, pioneering the metaverse market. He worked in international companies, such as US-based Cisco Systems and UK-based NDS, for over 10 years, generally managing their Korean business and supporting business in Japanese and Chinese. Therefore, he has rich global network and business experience. He is a serial entrepreneur who previously established Cloudwave (Inc.) for cloud computing business and sold it to a KOSDAQ-listed

[Inwoo Chung]
Instruction & Learning Support Department, Seoul Global High School Teacher


As a high school mathematics teacher, Inwoo Chung is interested in the class utilizing various technologies and what future math class will look like.
Through the master's program at the graduate school, Chung studied the use of technologies like 3D coding in math education, and is participating in the development of 'AlgeoMath', a software for mathematical experiments.

[Kyung hoon Song]
Department of Education and Research, Mirayng Girls' High School Teacher


He is a earth science teacher at Miryang Girls' High School, and has many examples of future education methods, motivation, and universal learning design while working at the Ministry of Education's Smart Education Center from 2011 to 2012.
2020.3.-2021.7. The Greensmart Future School Working Group of the Ministry of Education was in charge of digital conversion of future schools and promoting related projects.
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