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: admin : Tue, 7 September 2021, 9:55 AM

Reimaging Roles of Teacher in Digital Learning Environment
[Robert Jenkins]
Education, UNICEF Headquarters Global Director



[Soojung Park]
Department of Education, Chungnam National University Professor


Teacher competence greatly affects the quality and performance of education. In addition to competences discussed before, it is also worth noting about the teacher's 4C competences. The 4C, being presented as a key competency for the future talent, can be considered as a necessary competency for teachers. In a study that developed and investigated teachers' 4C diagnostic tools (Soojung Park et al., 2020), it showed teachers' collaboration and communication were relatively high, and creativity and critical thinking were relatively low. These competences should be cultivated at the pre-service education and strengthened throughout the teaching career.
Above all, the ability to respond to changes must be noted as the competence of future teachers. It is important to increase the responsiveness of teachers and schools in social change. The higher the sensitivity on these changes, the more effective is to be expected, so that it will be possible to respond to new education and demands for schools, rapidly changing technologies, characteristics and culture changing students.
Conservativism, or resistance to change, were often cited as the long-standing culture of teaching (Lortie, 1975). However, the change for "better schools" and "better classes" is the responsibilities of schools and teachers, and the sensitivity to change is also important in teaching. Recently, changes in technology such as AI have been approaching greatly, and unexpected changes in the environment such as the crisis of infectious diseases have hit the teaching profession. Facing these changes, changing classes and schools is very important and urgent.
"How sensitive am I to change? Am I responding effectively to change and making new changes?"

I suggest that future teachers should be learning designers, life designers, and school designers to realize new education.

[Young sang Cho]
Sanoee Elementary School Teacher


I am not a futurist, but what I can say about the classroom and learning after Corona is that our school in a rural area has been interested in Edtech since before Covid-19 for meaningful learning experiences for students.
This is because the curriculum, school environment and learning platform were being refined. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we will briefly experience the full distance education, On-Off line cross school situation, and blended learning situation after full school attendance. became Since then, various educational obstacles have been encountered. First, the school environment aspect, second, the emotional aspect, and finally, the learning achievement aspect. There are various educational ways to overcome these obstacles, but In this study, Edtech is used to overcome these obstacles. Be prepared to build a learning infrastructure, restore broken emotional
connections, and stop individual student deficits by analyzing academic achievement.
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    Fri, 10 September 2021, 10:56 AM
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