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: admin : Tue, 7 September 2021, 9:53 AM

Gen Z, Seeking Passage of Online Learning
[Seng Chee Tan]
Graduate Studies and Professional Learning, National Institute of Education, Singapore Associate Dean


Since the turn of the millennium, educators have been discussing about developing students’ 21st Century skills, including digital literacy, self-directed learning and collaborative skills. The use of technologies to transform teaching and learning has been a key strategy. COVID 19 pandemic catalyzes this transformation when schools around the world are challenged with minimizing disruption of education through online learning. But it is unlikely that COVID 19 will be the last pandemic mankind will face and if we do not want to be caught in similar challenges, we need to have a strategy that can sustain innovation and prepare students to be future-ready. We need a coherent framework and sustained progressive change so that we will not end up with playing catching up game. This talk presents technology-supported knowledge building as a strategy to prepare students for the knowledge age, which is a strategy not to develop just-in-case skills for the future, but to engage students directly in the kernel of knowledge creation through collaborative idea improvement. An online forum, coupled with advanced learning analytics, is used to support this effort. Comprising researchers and educators over the world, knowledge building community is also a self-sustaining and self-renewing community that advances the pedagogical innovation. In this talk, I will share an example of knowledge building in action, the use of analytics for learning, and how this approach is relevant in a world that is ever changing.

[In yeon Park]
Education Lab, Mentorsolution CEO


The Covid-19 pandemic has paradoxically revolutionized Korea's education and allowed us to radically reconsider all the existing educational programs in the future. How will the ideal role of schools, private education, educators, parents, and students change in this rapidly changing society of untact, digilog, blended learning?
Future education will be changed into "one-on-one," customized one. Education will evolve into the way that individual talents, personalities and aptitude are reflected on the basis of basic learning. Only those who have been educated in this way can design their own future effectively and approach their practical dreams, regardless of qualifications that they have achieved in their high school careers. Even though the goals they have dreamed about are not acceptable enough into their reality, they can flexibly change them on their own and move forward. It will be the ideal role of facilitators who let their students take intellectual initiative for their future studies and facilitators should inform that this is the fundamental studies they can carry out and make self-structured learning possible.
Future education is not only about acquiring new knowledge, but also developing your own competence and Grit through knowledge which is core power to live in the world.

[Hwang Kim]
ICT Education, Jihan Elementary School Teacher


The development of technology has a great impact on both the change in the value creation method and the change in the education method.
One of the purposes of education is to equip students with the ability to create new values in their desired field. However, while analog-based technology was used as a tool for value creation in the past, digital technology has recently changed to a major method of value creation.
Recently, the educational method is also changing to utilize digital technology away from the analog method of the past. In particular, due to the epidemic of COVID-19, changes in educational methods using digital technology are progressing more rapidly, and the reality is that there is a serious educational gap depending on whether or not these changes are adapted.
In order to adapt to these changes in the times, how should the education method change, and what kind of competencies students should have and how they should learn, focusing on examples from the school field, will be suggested.
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  • Is a world of only perfectly customized 1:1 education an ideal infrastructure for learning?
    Fri, 10 September 2021, 10:46 AM
  • How would the ideal education infrastructure look to you, that is prepared for challenges like pandemics or even worse incidents?
    Fri, 10 September 2021, 10:56 AM
  • Can a traditional concept like schools consist in the current technological developments?
    Fri, 10 September 2021, 11:06 AM
  • Do you think the common major-system from universities lacks customization?
    Fri, 10 September 2021, 11:10 AM