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: Admin : Mon, 31 August 2020, 9:34 PM

★★Must Read! 2020 EdTech Forum’s Guidelines for Pre-Forum Questions★★
1. Please, leave your pre-forum question to a speaker you would like to ask. If your question is selected, it will be answered by the speaker during the Q & A live stream.

2. If you have the common question to ask for a specific Track, please, choose the Track, click the Fixed post entitled “Common Question” and then leave your questions as comments.

3. If you submit pre-forum questions, you will be automatically entered for the Pre-Forum Question’s Event.

4. If you submit pre-forum questions, please enter Name and Mobile phone number.

5. Please confirm that [Secret] button is checked.

6. If you want to register for the forum, please, click “Registration Guide” and then “Register Now.”

7. Any opinions or comments which are improper, offensive or irrelevant may be deleted by the Admin.

8. For other questions, please, contact the Edtech Korea Forum 2020 Secretariat.
TEL. 070-4349-6946
E-mail. edtechforumk@gmail.com
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