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: Admin : Mon, 31 August 2020, 4:54 PM

Sang Chul LEE
Sang Chul LEE, Professional, LG Uplus

Working for LG U+ CHO leadership development team.
He is an expert in HRD who has experience in HRD Practice (HRD DT, Gamification etc) that has made practical achievements and changes beyond the existing HRD method. In order to respond to the rapidly changing world, Recently he argues that HRD also needs to innovate its existing way of working and expand its scope of work, and analyzes HRD strategies and human resources development to cope with changes.

In the Untact Age, the Uncomfortable Truth That HRD Must Know

The rapid development of digital technology, mass influx of MZ generation into the enterprise, the tragic spread of Corona 19, etc. The business environment is changing rapidly. But most HRD organizations still rely on offline education, and some have adopted online education, but even those who have adopted and implemented it have doubts about its effectiveness. So how do we respond and what do we prepare in the Untact era?

Through this session's, I will share that understanding of the changing business environment and utilizing digital capabilities, changing LG Uplus HRD the way works, giving its members(employee) a new learning experience case.(HRD digital transformation) In addition, We'd like to share and discuss that the direction and implications needed for HRD in the Untact era it together.
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